The Vintage Piano Hour 2018 CD


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The 2018 Vintage Piano Hour CD with artwork by Andrea Holmes.

The Legend of Tony Stride

Once upon a time in McKinney...

It had been 100 years since the invention of recorded sound and nobody remembered when the only way to hear music was to see it live or play it yourself. And thus what we had gained in accessibility we had lost in human to human music connection. Fortunately, the land of North Texas had a rich tradition of musical excellence and from that rose Tony Stride. Mr. Stride was nurtured by the keepers of the great North Texas music tradition and thoroughly taught in the ancient ways of the golden era of music. Now this fall, you can hear Tony Stride and experience the tradition for yourself!



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City of Mckinney Arts Commission


The 2018 Vintage Piano Hour brought to you in part by the City of McKinney!

Filtered - coffee/water/culture


A long time friend of The Vintage Piano Hour and one of this season's participating venues.

TUPPS Brewery


A new addition to the roster this year, now you can enjoy the music with something a little stronger than coffee!


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Tony Stride